Virtual High School (Nova Scotia) provides valuable learning opportunities to students whether those students are of high school age or adults wishing to complete their Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma, whether the student is presently enrolled in a public or private Nova Scotia high school, attending high school in another country at a Nova Scotia International School or being educated at home. We offer learning any time and at any place students have access to the internet and can log into their courses. This school is meant to complement the existing educational opportunities available to students by providing an additional means of taking a course for credit. Atlantic Canada's Essential Graduation Learnings are well supported by our curriculum, our teachers and our online delivery method.

We began exploring the possibility of offering online high courses to students of Nova Scotia in 2008. We had been receiving began students from Nova Scotia since 2005 who found our school on their own and decided to register. We then met with the Department of Education from Nova Scotia to share our experiences and school model. The Department of Education for Nova Scotia has assured us that students who take courses with VHS may take their report card and transcript to their home school principal in order for equivalent Nova Scotia credits to be granted for their work with VHS. We are excited about our work in Nova Scotia and the opportunity to deliver just in time, exciting, stimulating, interactive, student-centered courses in a province that places a high value on excellence in education.